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Financial Consultancy Services

Business Planning Services

After business feasibility has been established, we guide our clients through the creation of accurate business plans, investor presentations and other supporting materials to powerfully present their company to:

Structured Finance consultancy

We provide financial consultancy services to a diverse group of organizations that access capital through various products available in the market. Our services provide clients with an independent, objective perspective throughout all phases of a financing transaction. Our services are enhanced by our broad and deep experience - serving as financial advisor to a broad range of entities. We focus solely on identifying and structuring the best source of finance for our client to meet short-term and longer-term plans of the clients. We also provide consultancy services on Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), advising on all the relevant strategic and regulatory issues of Security exchange board of India (SEBI). We provide these services to start ups as well as existing entities.

Individual Financial Planning

We also provide Individual financial planning services while taking a holistic view of our client's situation and come up with a financial plan that will address the following areas

  • Cash Flow Management & Budgeting
  • Insurance Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Assessment

    The financial condition of an individual is gauged by formulating balance sheets and income statements. The personal balance sheet calculates the assets on the one hand and liabilities on the other. Assets include car, house, stocks, and bank account. Personal liabilities include credit card debt, bank loan, mortgage etc. Information regarding personal income and expenses is listed under the personal cash flow statement.

  • Goal setting

    After having done a proper assessment of the financial situation, we help our individual client to set up long term as well as short term goals.

  • Constructing a plan

    Once the goals are set, appropriate strategies are formulated in order to fulfil the goals. This is achieved by curtailing unnecessary expenditure or by expanding the income level by investing in stocks, real estate or other interest earning assets.

  • Monitoring and reassessment

    The financial plan of an individual is monitored from time to time for re-evaluation.

Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning is a process of arranging and planning a person's succession and financial affairs. An Estate Plan which incorporates a person's wishes about his estate, could be regarding Estate Management, Estate Preservation and Estate Legacy during and post life. The primary goal of estate planning is ensuring that the estate of the individual passes to the estate owner's intended beneficiaries, often including efficient tax and succession planning and avoiding or minimizing court proceedings in succession matters and obtaining probates (i.e. a "Will" certified under the seal of the court with the grant of administration to the estate of person who has made the Will).

We help you with the advanced approaches to estate planning, from understanding how wills and trusts work to tax strategies to private trusts that may help protect your beneficiaries and assets. We also provide execution services for wills.

Financial Consultancy Services

Family Business Settlement Services

Indian business are primarily owned by joint families and with the advent of nuclear families the joint family structures are giving way to family division leading to business disputes. To settle a family business dispute it has to be a balance of arbitration and business valuation.

Business valuation is directed towards family business settlement. We help in arbitration of any family business dispute leading to amicable solution within the family. We also help you with tax efficient strategies enabling you to settle your family business in most effective manner.

Business Succession Planning Services

When you are an entrepreneur its automatically assumed that you will die working, but in this modern era that when you decide to call it day or decide to give the new generation a chance.

We help you with succession plan by determining the best way for you to exit your business while ensuring the business continues. We help you with strategy of leadership and/or ownership succession of the business when you leave. We help you with two basic options identification of right successor in the Family or identifying right buyers of your business. We plan a strategy which is legally sound and tax efficient.

Accounting System Development and Implementation

We work with our clients to design, develop and implement accounting system solutions. Our development and implementation solutions enable our clients to implement proper internal controls and automate data capturing and reporting process. By assisting and advising the clients in exploiting new technology and integrating it with existing resources, we help them streamline their processes and leverage critical data. Given the competitive economic climate, many entities are looking for ways to cut costs, we by implementing optimum financial and accounting system solution enable the entity to increase efficiency and cut irrelevant costs. We have excellent resources in virtually all business areas which enables us to offer superior services in customized Financial System development for owner-managed business, Small and medium enterprises (SME's) or a large multinational corporation.

We provide invaluable training as well as on-going assistance for our clients in the design and implementation of accounting systems. Our many years of working with computer-based financial and accounting systems combined with our cumulative knowledge of accounting software currently available, allows us to save you the time and effort required to sort out the systems and products you need.

Accounting Process Improvement

Accounting Process Improvement is directed towards the effective use of accounting resources. Our Accounting Process Improvement Service enables the organisation to reconfigure its internal processes in various ways; that is, by changing the ways in which it performs accounting process. This enables the Organization to meet decision making objectives in an efficient and timely manner

Accounting process improvement involves various kinds of efforts including strategic technical inputs, process redesign and training. It also requires technology deployment or enhancement to enable the improvement of accounting process.

Human Capital Consultancy Services

We strongly believe organizations that invest in human capital will only survive in future. Today we see this truth being realized by the businesses which brings the focus on having the right human resource to take you business to the next level.When it comes to this area of practice we provide complete lifecycle support for your people management, which included identifying, interviewing and recruiting an appropriate new resource for you to unleashing hidden value of your existing talent by working with your Human Resource departments. We are more than HR consultants, we are the change agents.